Capture11Hey there.  I’m Meghan… long-time country girl, first-time Mom, chronicling the adventures of life, and loving every up, down, and twist of it.  I use this blog to keep in touch with family and friends around the world, and document all the things in life I want to capture.  Some days that means sharing pictures of our weekend camping trip, others it may be ranting about my goals (and frustrations) for staying fit and healthy, and updates on our new home and the fun renovations of making it our home.

This place, this blog, is very special to me – it acts as a baby book, a photo album, home video, and a diary.   I can look back and watch my son grow, relish in so many memories, triumphs, and bumps in the road.  We have some exciting adventures coming up, and I’m so excited to share them here, and have all our friends and family along for the ride…