1, 2, 3,….4!

That’s right, we survived another year!!!

and….WELL… Buying a house, celebrating my 30th and Avery’s 4th birthdays, travelling for work, and coaching cross country have kinda… yeah consumed my time, to say the least. It’s a good kinda busy tho… we’re so excited to move into our new house in only ONE WEEK! 30 is looking better than 29 did. Avery is happier than ever. And, yeah… life’s good. BUT because we’re off enjoying life… the blog takes a backseat. So, lets recap some recent events. #1… Avery turned 4!!! IMG_8391

We had so much fun counting down the days to his birthday…


I always write/draw a napkin note for Avery, so we just had some fun themed ones the week before his birthday!


We had a big birthday bash for him on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.


Friends, family, and Avery’s friends from preschool ate, drank, swat at a piniata, raced box cars, bounced to their hearts content, and devoured yummy food.


The theme was … cars!


We had fun decorating for the theme!


Mimi made a tire piniata!


Avery had a special request for cupcakes with rings on them… so Lightning Mcqueen and Mater rings topped these special sugary treats… IMG_8397

Avery’s friends and family were so generous with gifts!  Avery’s preschool friends helped him open them too! IMG_8386

The favorite event was definately the box car race!!! Some videos of the kids racing:

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ9fdb5WIko] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvs7byRwTl8]

And turning 4 also means Avery had his yearly doctors and dentist appointments.  Everything checked out well at the dentist.  Avery was sooo excited to get a new tooth brush! IMG_8247

At the doctors, Avery did hearing and vision tests and got two shots and didn’t even cry!


#2… Oh yeah, on the day of Avery’s party, I turned 30. The big THREE-OH. I had some very generous friends and family give and send cards and money, gift cards.. and wine!!!


We’ll be able to spree on some household items without breaking the bank.


Since that weekend was for Avery, I celebrated my birthday the weekend before – a whole weekend away, just Steve and I. We went out to eat, shopped, and went to the ocean.


So relaxing and fun. Our second ‘vacation’ together and we survived and kinda still like eachother… go figure.

#3… YaYa!  The ladies on my Dads side of the family got together for our annual girls weekend – we played cards, pictionary, explored, relaxed, fished, and painted! IMG_8451   IMG_8432   IMG_8453 IMG_8451IMG_8463

#4…. we close on our house next week! Eeek!!! So exciting… and scary!  We’ve bought a couple key items for the house, and we stacked wood the past couple weekends.IMG_8491

It was a crazy couple weeks doing all the paperwork, but that’s all done – just have to sign a stack of papers next week and we can move in!!! A busy week at work, then I’m on vacation for two weeks to settle into the house! Happy Fall!



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