Auntie’s Send-off

Two weeks ago, my little sis, who just graduated from college (yay sis!) took a giant leap and moved across the country…. from Vermont to TEXAS.  She has big plans to (finally) live with her long-term-long-distance boyfriend (in the military), find a job, and live somewhere new.  I’m so excited for her new adventure in life and I pester her every day with emails and text messages to see how its going.

Before she left, she and my Mom came down for a visit so Auntie could see Avery before she left…and of coarse to give him his birthday present – since she won’t be here for his super-party.  It was also perfect timing because we had our date night to Country Fest planned and had no sitter lined up – so Grammy and Auntie stole Avery for the weekend…

Friday: Swimming & Playing


Avery played hookey from daycare and spent the day in the pool, taking walks, and going to the park with Auntie & Grammy.  I got this picture when I was at work and wished I was there with them!  That night, we were off enjoying the concert while I got this on my phone:
Saturday: Birthday Presents & Shopping

Saturday morning Auntie gave Avery his first birthday present.  Although he had gifts at Christmas last year, this is the first gift he’s every actually opened…and man was it ever the biggest!

Watch Avery open his gift… (warning: this video is 7 minutes long… yes it took that long to open it!)


As thoughtful as the Elmo chair is, Avery was much more interested in the giant box.  He plays in it almost every day!  Since that morning, the box now has a window and a permanent home in our living room.  For Christmas I told my sis to send him another box – empty this time :)


Then we were off to the mall where Avery played in their kid area…
IMG_2236[1] IMG_2233[1]

I have to hit this place up more often in the wee morning hours when it’s not crowded because it’s close to home and FREE!

Then it was time for MY birthday present.  If you remember, Avery was born just 3 days after my birthday last year.  So, my sis being thoughtful again (awe I love her) gave me the perfect gift.  A card, with money and a note “$$ For you to use only on YOU… comes with a personal shopper (my sis) and babysitter (my mom)”  I was in need of some black dress shoes but I couldn’t find any I liked under $80 and I was NOT going to spend $80 on shoes.  Sooo we wandered around and I ended up with two new fall dresses.  One orange and one brown.  Here’s a peak at the orange one…

I love them and have to confess that I haven’t worn them to work yet because I haven’t had time to shave my legs on a work morning recently (haha yeah I know TMI) but I will soon and I just have to say thank you again to my little sis for such a thoughtful gift.  She has no idea how much I appreciated browsing and trying on clothes without having to squeeze a stroller thru the racks or hand Avery more cheerios or feel guilty about spending $ on myself.  Thanks sis :)
Sunday: Goodbye!

On Sunday the fun weekend had to come to an end and Auntie & Grammy headed home.  Avery will miss you Auntie!


We’ll see her again soon (this move isn’t for forever!)…and we enjoy getting pictures like this from her:


Have you moved away from ‘home’ before?  Was it for a job, family, better schools? I moved to Boston from northern VT for college (a big change from the country to the city) and stayed here.  I’ve actually been here 8 years. Wow.