Lions, and Tigers, and HIPPOS!

Last summer, we went to Parc Safari. Avery didn’t stop talking about it the past 11 months. Every picture of a Zebra was ‘Parc Safari!’ and when asked what he did today at dinner, he would say ‘I went to Parc Safari!’ So, this summer we went to Granby Zoo. Granby is also in Canada (which is only a 40 min drive to the border), so we got to use our fancy passports and navigate without GPS and phones all day – it was quite an adventure!


After sitting in traffic for a while (next time we’re going MUCH earlier in the morning), we were in and the first animal we saw, while we were in line for tickets was… a seagull. Avery was pointing at it, so excited because he knew we were seeing animals all day. Grampy informed him that it was, in fact, a ‘dump chicken’. Oh and let me tell you, alllll day long, “Mommy, look a dump chicken!” Thanks, Grampy.

When we finally got INTO the park, the first area we checked out was the petting Zoo. This lasted a whole minute, and Avery was over it. Goats did not impress him.

What did make him grin ear to ear was… riding a horse!


Avery climbed up and held on smiling the whole ride!

When he was done, he ran around, so excited to tell MiMi and Grampy about it.


There was an aquarium with fish and jellyfish and sting rays! Avery was so excited to see Nemo and Dory and he pet a sting ray!

Next, we walked thru the Australia section and saw kangaroos around – they weren’t even in a fenced in area.  They weren’t lively either… it was hot and sunny so we didn’t blame them for laying down in the shade. 


Not to be confused with Avery, next we went to the AVIARY. There were birds flying around and you could feed them. This was one of Avery’s favorite stops of the day.

Can you tell we were in there for a while….? So many pictures!




After visiting most of the animals and stopping for lunch, we went to the theme park area and rode some rides and played games.IMG_7962

Avery was very proud to ride all these rides alone!

He is ‘three and three quarters’ when you ask his age, so he’s a ‘big boy!’


He won a fishing game and took home a plush dog to add to his bed collection.  There are now 4 dogs, 1 turtle, 1 bear, and 1 cat in his bed.  Barely enough room left for Avery to sleep!
We spent a couple hours in the afternoon at the waterpark.

Avery LOVED the squirt guns and running around with all the other kids in the water. The waterpark was so crowded, and we had to go see the rest of the park, so our next stop was the monorail. IMG_8036


We got to see the animals from up high!
Our final stop was to the Africa section where at each different section, there was a stamp for this passport Avery got with our tickets in the morning.


Avery had fun finding the stamping station at each animal. It would stamp a picture of the animal you were about to see.

Avery kept talking about hippos, and what was the last thing we saw of the day?  The hippos!  It was closing time when we left the park and Avery snoozed on the way home.  It was a busy and fun family day!

Last weekend we went camping, and the weekend before we went to the races… much more to catch up on in the next post!

Oh, and no big deal, but…. we got pre-approved for our mortgage and we’re starting the whole mortgage process!!! Lots of paperwork in the coming weeks and sore hands from signing them! Exciting, scary, and sooo going to be worth all the work and wait!


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